Gypsy Wood - The New album from Stephen Gerrard

A personal, soulful and spiritual collection of songs inspired by Stephen’s true-life experiences.

Gypsy in the soul (MP3 Sample)

Although this song is not entirely biographical, it does express a deeply innate family trait for 'freedom' and 'privacy' which appears to have been inherited from Stephens Great Grandfather who was himself a Romany Gypsy.

Gareth’s Song (MP3 Sample)

Gareth was a pupil at a Special School in Liverpool where Stephen was a teacher in the 80’s. One summer they went on a day trip to Freshfield. They walked across the fields towards the shore. Gareth looked around him and asked “Is this heaven?”. He couldn’t imagine anywhere more beautiful. After a full day of enjoyment he didn’t want to return to Liverpool. He was in love with the Care Assistant who was called Julie and tried to persuade her to live with him in Freshfield. The pupils were talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Gareth thought for a moment and said “A person, just a person whose happy”.

Man of Our Times (MP3 Sample)

The song is an attempt to highlight some of the characteristics of modern man who is losing his ability to connect in a human and spiritual sense with the world around him. The song was inspired by the book ‘True Resurrection’ written by Harry Williams.

Still my little girl (MP3 Sample)

Written for Stephen’s daughter, but relevant to all Fathers who have watched their daughters grow up.

Georgie’s Song (MP3 Sample)

One Christmas a boy called Georgie waited for his Mum to visit him in a children’s home. Whilst he waited he began fiddling with the cuffs of his shirt. She never visited him in all the years Stephen knew him and he never stopped fiddling with his shirt. The sadness of his life is reflected so many others for whom the impact of neglect and abuse has profound effects.

A Quiet and Solitary Man (Bill Tasker) (MP3 Sample)

As a young lad Stephen would sometimes visit Bill with his friends. He was always welcoming and happy to chat. He didn’t mind their curiosity and was happy to allow them to look inside his cabin which sheltered him and his canine friends from the elements. The song tells the story.

Gypsy Wood (MP3 Sample)

What was once a small section of coastal pinewood in Stephen’s hometown of Formby. He wrote the song after viewing a number of photographs taken by his father which chronicled its disappearance in to the sea as erosion sadly took its course.

You and I (MP3 Sample)

Evolved from a poem written during the second world war by Stephen’s father who served in a field hospital in Algeria, North Africa. A peace anthem, as relevant today as it was 50 years ago.

Another Kind of Madness (MP3 Sample)

Despite western lifestyles outwardly appearing peaceful, fulfilled and happy, there are still victims and suffering within this overindulgent, greedy and dissatisfied culture. The song questions this ‘madness’ by contrasting typical western lifestyles with the lives of people in warzones and the third world countries.

Blazing the Trail (MP3 Sample)

Written after the death of Stephen’s father.

Acknowledgements & Gratitude

A special thanks must go to Dave Morgan for kindly producing this album, and for his help in supporting instrumentation and arrangements during recoding.

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Arthur McBain (Dune FM) wrote: Never before have I heard such a convincing collection of memories put onto one CD. Bravo Stephen.
Jeff Shelley (Vermont, USA) wrote: Great sounding stuff Steve - Come to Vermont and we'll jam! We'll put you up and get you some gigs while you're here.
Russell O'Donnell (Preston, UK) wrote: I’ve listened to all the tracks on the album and think it's a knockout. Musically I don't think I could fault it and there are lots of little musical surprises. I REALLY liked tracks 1 & 2. I'm looking forward to hearing more.
Anthony Alcock (Germany) wrote: I used to visit Bill Tasker with a kid from my street (Stitt Street, Liverpool 3 - no longer there) who said that Billie was his uncle. We used to cycle up to Formby. I loved being in his hut, drinking tea, with all the dogs outside and inside. I wonder how lonely he felt.
Chris & Bryan G (Frigiliana, Spain) wrote: We’ve just been listening to your CD, we’re well impressed. Needless to say, it brings back many Formby memories, especially Bill Tasker (such a character) and Gypsy Wood. We also love the beach scene on the cd cover, very nostalgic.
Colin Vince (Formby, UK) wrote: Magical!